Activities That Are Not Ideal for Health-Related Fitness – Part 1

There are some sports and activities that at first may appear to be ideal for health-related fitness yet in reality they cause case more damage to one’s heath than improve it. This is was certainly the case with certain pub sports, such as darts and snooker.

Prior to smoking being banned in public places, both sports used to be played against a backdrop of “smoke filled” rooms. Often the players would also steady their nerves by consuming alcoholic beverages and some competitors would become notorious for the amount of alcohol they consumed during matches.

Alex Higgins at the Embassy World Snooker Championships

Alcoholic over-indulgence is often seen as part of the ritual of playing team sports. For example, rugby have been famous for being accompanied by drinking games and sessions that have taken place once the game has finished. The effect of consuming large amounts of alcohol causes more damage to the player’s health than the benefit that has resulted from the exercise.

Rugby is also a sport that many see as doing more harm than good as a result of the nature of the game. The collisions that take place during every game can cause serious damage and has resulted in the law makers over the years trying to adapt the rules in order to make the game safer.

However, sometimes injuries cannot be avoided despite the rules that are put in place and the game is associated by making an injury toll with broken collar bones and arms a common occurrence. The more worrying area of the game is the scrum. This is where eight players from either team bind together and push against each other. The combined force going through the front three player’s necks is phenomenal and at times this has led to serious spinal injuries. They are rare but the outcome is catastrophic and has put many people off from playing the game.

A cricketer being protected by his helmet

One of the “deadliest games” to play has been cricket. The ball can travel at speeds up to 80 miles per hour and when the hardened leather ball, which weighs five and a half ounces, is directed at a player’s head it is then a deadly missile. Authorities have tried to limit the damage by insisting that players wear helmets but damage is still caused when the ball strikes players necks.

In the United Kingdom cricket has possessed the most unwanted statistic of more school children losing their lives than playing any other sport. People believed it was as a result of strike to the head. The fact was that more deaths were caused when the ball struck the individual above the heart with the trauma causing heart attacks.

Sometimes playing sports can cause weaknesses in people’s physical conditions to be exposed. This has certainly been the case in association football where players have pushed their heart rates so high that their bodies have been unable to cope. Nowadays professional sportsmen are given heart screening by the majority of clubs that will hopefully detect defects in individuals.

Football has also seen recent investigations taking place into the damage caused by heading the football. It has been shown that doing this too often in younger days can cause brain damage in later life and the authorities are now looking at whether heading the football should be banned to children when playing the game.