Activities That Are Not Ideal for Health-Related Fitness – Part 2

The problem with health-related activities is that there’s always going to be a certain amount of danger involved as even the simple act of raising ones heart rate can simply for some people put their health at risk. There are certain sports that it is imperative that people need to be fit to play as opposed to try and get fit by playing that sport.

Squash can be exhausting despite the small area

There is no better example than that than squash. The game produces players that are extremely fit, yet in the past a great number of people have tried to get by playing the game. The problem with the notion is that the game can stretch people’s aerobic capacities to the very limit and for those people who have low levels of fitness pushing the heart rate so high can have disastrous consequences.

The reason why is simple, because as the game last longer, the ball gets hotter and bounces higher. This means that the rallies are extended with the court becoming hotter and hotter. This hot house effect makes it safe only for the very fit.

Even the most seemingly peaceful activities can be fraught with dangers. Athletics is an activity that is contact free so one would assume that the dangers to people’s health is at a minimum. However, the safety measures that are in place for the throwing events are a must. The discus, the hammer and the javelin are events that can result in loss of life if anyone is struck. The cages that are used for the hammer and the discus are essential. The problem is that the athletes have to rotate their bodies at speed in order to maximize the power that is travelling through the object. A simple loss of balance can result in the hammer or the discus being throw way off target and can strike some poor unsuspecting bystander.

Another first aider needed at a marathon

Even certain running events can lead to tragic outcomes. Just by looking at the numbers of first aiders on duty at any large city marathon event reflects the potential there is for serious industry. The London marathon has been run since 1981 and during this period of time eleven runners have passed away in attempting to run the distance.

The official statistics show that 0.8 people die for every 100,000 runners who attempt the distance. What the statistics do not show are the number of people who benefit greatly with their health from training, and competing, in one of the many marathons that are organized around the world. There is no health related activity where the individual’s health can be guaranteed. Even simply going for a walk can lead to someone being run over by a car. Many people partake in water sports, and there is always the danger that people can get into difficulties in the water that will lead to drowning.

However if the positives and negatives are weighed up against each other there is no doubt that people who take the correct precautions will benefit far more from these types of activities than staying inside in fear of potential dangers. Careful exercise and training programs without question keep people healthier and extend their life expectancy, and while doing this they are enjoying a more rewarding style of life.