Health related and mental fitness

Health related fitness

Sugar: Bad and Good

Sugar and carbohydrates in general can be very nutritious for your diet, but not all is going to make positive impact. That defines not the actual sugar itself, but how it is consumed and how quickly your body absorbs it by raising your glucose levels. Still, there is a rule and a must-know that good […]

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Health myths

We all have heard models or gym maniacs telling their secrets how to stay thin and saying that it is healthy, and you need to do that too. Here are some of them that you heard or tried but they been proved to be just myths. Best Way to Stay Hydrated There is no need […]

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What Is Healthy And What Is Unhealthy

There always appears to be a never-ending debate on what is good for us and what is harmful. This can range from the type of exercise that is taken to what food and drink is consumed. It is possible to read one journal where an expert will be praising certain food stuffs, yet the next […]

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The Holiday Industry and Health Related Fitness

As people’s choices in lifestyle have changed over the years, and so holidays have been adapted to change with customers different needs. Families now crave activities and the majority are those should include all of the family. For many years, holidays have been created to include activities that keep all members of the family happy. […]

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How the old remain healthy

As societies become more developed the numbers of people in the older age groups becomes more and more. In fact many societies today are experiencing an increasing ageing population. The problems of the ageing population is made worse by young families not as many children as in previous generations. There are less people to work […]

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Health related fitness – All the gear no idea?

Many parents hope their young children will become gifted sportsman. They will dress them in the most expensive sports kit, dreaming that their child will suddenly be transformed into a world class performer. Those same parents can often be seen taking their daily exercise wearing the most advanced kit with no expense spared. While this […]

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