Health related fitness

The martial arts and mental srength

The martial arts are sports and activities that require great amounts of mental strength. There are so many occasions in the participation of these sports where it is a case of mind over matter for the competitor to succeed. This is particularly relevant with Karate. One of the main philosophies of Karate is that the […]

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Activities associated with mental fitness

Sometimes mental fitness is associated with physical fitness. This is based along the theory that a strong body leads to a strong mind. Increase in physical activity releases oxygen to the brain which makes it work more efficiently. Physical activity also releases endorphins to the brain which is a chemical which produces a “feel-good” experience. […]

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What is health related fitness

Health related fitness is quite a complex area and can have totally different meanings to different groups of people. However, if one divides it into broad components one particular area may be more important to one particular group of people than another. The main components of health related fitness are stamina, strength, flexibility, muscular endurance […]

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