Great Brain Exercises to Help the Memory

We all know as you get older you tend to forget things, even the simplest of things. This does not mean the onset of dementia, just that you have far more things to think about as you get older and take on more responsibility. There are many things that you can do to help yourself remember things better, these include eating certain foods and taking exercise to stimulate the brain. Added to this there are great simple exercises that you can practice which will keep the brain engaged and active.

Enjoy Crosswords & Sudoku

Part of the problem of having a busy lifestyle is that when you do finally have time to rest and take time out you tend to opt for the easy option. This means coming home from work, having your dinner and switching the TV on. It is natural to turn on the box in the corner as you rest your brain and only concentrate on the programs around 50%. This does not tax you, and often you are still thinking about work or family issues.

This is the very time that you should stimulate your brain, which will help your memory. Turning to a crossword or other brain games such as sudoku is ideal. Whilst you are thinking of possible solutions to the problems posed in the quizzes you will leave other thoughts behind. And not only will this help your memory, it will relax you far more than just gazing at the television.

Great Brain Exercises to Help the Memory
Great Brain Exercises to Help the Memory

Learn to Cook

Memory is all about stimulating the brain and keeping it active and this does not mean you have to take on a difficult task. Find a pastime that is easy to do and really engages you. If you do not cook or only know one cuisine, then why not extend your knowledge? Learning how to cook is a great way to assist with growing your memory and you won’t even know that you are stimulating your brain.

Learning to cook brings out your creative talents and remembering ingredients and cooking techniques is part of helping you to grow your brain. The reason cooking is so great is that there is a finished product that the whole family can enjoy. And when everybody around the dinner table complements you on a fantastic meal you automatically take pride in what you have done and are encouraged to do it again.

Draw a Map from Memory

Take time out at the weekends to load the family into the car and explore new places. Then when you get home try to draw a map of where you have just been from memory. Short term memory loss is very common in older people, and exercises such as this will help immensely. You can always go back to the same location the following week and see how accurate your drawing is. The added advantage to brain exercises such as this is that you are involving the whole family and making your learning fun for everybody. Make your memory exercises fun to do and this will ensure that you keep on doing them and your brain stays stimulated.