Health myths

We all have heard models or gym maniacs telling their secrets how to stay thin and saying that it is healthy, and you need to do that too. Here are some of them that you heard or tried but they been proved to be just myths.

Best Way to Stay Hydrated

There is no need to keep track on how many glasses of water per day you had. Researchers say that it is enough to drink water when you become thirsty. When you are consuming legumes, fruit, juices, tea you are consuming water as well. You might need to worry and drink more if you notice the urine is getting dark, if you live in a warmer climate zone or you are very active person.

Eggs Are Hurting Your Heart

If you eat egg per day or two it does nothing bad for your health or heart as it was said before. Yes, that is true that yolks have cholesterol, but these are healthy fats that your body needs every day. They are also full omega 3s which even can help to reduce the risk of getting heart disease.

Antiperspirant Will Give You Breast Cancer

National Cancer Institute says that really there is no scientific proof that chemicals in deodorants and antiperspirants can damage breast tissue and grow tumors. They are not the best for your body, but mostly just clog your pores not causing any deadly disease.

Being Cold Will Make You Sick

I can guess that your grandmother told you not to stay outside too much when it is cold, or you get sick. That is not true. Studies show that people who spend couple hours per day in a cold can boost their immune system. In actuality, you are more likely to get sick while being inside, as the germs are easily passed in enclosed space.

Daily vitamins

You need to take vitamins just when your doctor says that. Taking them can cause your body to be lazy and not produce itself. If you are pregnant you can not take some of them, for example vitamin A- retinol can cause birth defects, but you need to take folic acid to lower the risk of those defects. Best way to get all the multivitamins is to fill your diet with whole grains and greens.

Breakfast Helps with Weight Loss

If you are not a fan of breakfast that does not mean that you are not going to lose weight. Losing weight is simple science. You need to burn more than you consume. Skipping breakfast is one of the ways to do that. Your stomach needs to wake up first and it takes couple of hours and who has time to wake up 3 hours before work and sit and eat.

Reason Why Kids are Hyper

It is not good for children or anyone else in general. But that does not make your child go crazy 24/7. Parents believe that and they are primed to notice if that happens. That is just because of the energy levels, hormones and growing healthy organism.