How the old remain healthy

As societies become more developed the numbers of people in the older age groups becomes more and more. In fact many societies today are experiencing an increasing ageing population. The problems of the ageing population is made worse by young families not as many children as in previous generations. There are less people to work while numerous older people are claiming benefits. The older generation are keen to stay healthy for as long as possible to make the most of their retirement years. Most sports clubs run veteran teams and there are certain sports that’s membership are dominated by older members.

Bowls a game for the more senior citizens

Bowls clubs are a popular destination for the elderly. They provide the perfect sport as participators do not necessarily need to be excessively fit, yet players need to have a good feel and touch to be successful while participating. Golf is another sport that attracts a large number of playing members who have retired from work. These members are actually essential for the clubs as they play mostly when the working members are unable to do so. The week days are the times when they are free and they generally have enough to pay the high membership fees plus they are more than happy to spend their free money in the bar. Most health clubs have swimming mornings where an instructor takes the older members in a water class. There is actually no swimming but it is more like an aqua aerobics class. This is ideal as being it is in the water it means there is zero impact which lessens the risks of injuries. Any long distant running event such as a marathon or half marathon will be split into different age categories. For some runners they record their best race times when they are in their older years. They have more time to train and they are far more careful in what they eat and drink. The first thing that people who are in their retirement years do is that they move away from the big cities  to go and live in areas that are assumed to be healthier environments to live in. In Britain the south coast is a popular destination for people once they have retired from working.

The promenade being enjoyed in Eastbourne

Eastbourne, is a coastal town in East Sussex and it has long had a reputation for attracting people who were looking to retire. In 2013 the Office of National Statistics announced that the average age of residents in the town was 71.1 compared to a national average of 39.7. The sea air makes it a healthy place to live and the council proudly claim that the town receives more hours of sunshine each year than any other in the country. It is also on the door step of the Seven Sisters National Park which provides a wonderful setting for healthy walks. There are top rate health care settings for the old in the town, and there are retirement home and communities that just provide accommodation for the older residents of the region. Some retired people have turned their backs on Britain altogether and headed off to countries with warmer climates. The two most popular destinations are Spain and the United States. It has been estimated that more than 300,000 ex-pats were living in Spain in 2016 of which 121,000 were over retirement age. The warmer weather and the healthier life styles has been the reason why people have chosen to move abroad. It is a fact that as people mature they become increasingly aware of leading a healthier life style and this is reflected in the number of activities that are now aimed at the older generations.