How to Improve Brain Fitness

Everybody knows the importance of an active lifestyle to keep your body healthy and fight disease.

However, many people ignore their brain when they are busy putting together a fitness regime. As you grow older your body needs just as much stimulus as anything else. You might love doing crosswords, but if you can complete them in a couple of minutes it is time to move on to something else. Your brain needs to be constantly challenged to stay active, and there are many ways you can do this. Here you find some tips for your brain fitness.

New Experiences

Variation is the key to stay mentally alive. You must constantly push against the norm and embrace the new experiences. Routine is a dirty word when it comes to your brain, if you can do something in your sleep then it is not really testing you.Try new things that are mentally challenging and stimulating to break up your day. Meditation is a great way of giving your brain some new workout, as you are searching for a new mental state your brain is engaged in new ideas and concepts.

Delve Into the Past

Your brain is challenged when you are trying to remember some old information as well. Try to memorize the names of work colleagues from previous work or learn the telephone numbers of your family and relatives. A good way of doing this is by telling stories. Relaying stories about events and people can either be about the past, or something completely new that you have just created.

Unplug Your TV

TV is a distraction to your brain. It might be called an evil box that stands in the corner and gives you the excuse to lie on the couch and turn your brain off. It has been estimated that an average person watches four hours of TV a day. Just try turning the tube off for a couple of hours and do something constructive. Almost anything is preferable, even talking to your family will engage your brain more than staring at the adverts. TV can often be a barrier to relationships or just cause your disability to concentrate and do one thing for a longer time as well as it will destroy the ability to memorize things.

Learn a New Skill

It is never too late to learn a new skill as it will keep your brain alive and stimulates them by taking all the new data onboard. The best skills are something that you have never experienced before, but perhaps are common to many people.For instance, if you have never cooked, painted, danced or even sang in a choir before, then these activities would be perfect. You do not have to go out and spend a fortune on lessons, in fact, pick an activity where you can learn by yourself. That way it will be more fun, and you will have the great satisfaction of doing it all by yourself.