The Holiday Industry and Health Related Fitness

As people’s choices in lifestyle have changed over the years, and so holidays have been adapted to change with customers different needs. Families now crave activities and the majority are those should include all of the family.

For many years, holidays have been created to include activities that keep all members of the family happy. This has been reflected by the emergence of holiday camps after the Second World War with supervised activities being organized for the whole day to a wide variety of ages. These activities were not meant to be health related, but if something active was taking place, it was all for the better.

Butlin’s have been providing family activities for years

Another holiday type that included lots of organized activities were cruises. Just the sheer stagnant nature of a cruise meant that physical activities needed to be organized for the passengers just for their physical health. In time, cruise ships have been fitted out with all types of facilities that have encouraged healthy activity. The introduction of Health Related Fitness education programs into schools curriculums has educated generations, and people now desire holidays that, as well as enabling a break away from work, also see it as an opportunity to improve their physical and mental well-being.

Some holidays are tailor made for this purpose and alpine skiing fits the bill perfectly. The popularity of the winter sport has risen dramatically in the last 50 years. Technological and engineering advancements have meant that huge areas of mountain wilderness have become accessible to man.

Cable cars are used both in the winter and the summer months

This has been exploited by the holiday industry creating skiing holidays. At first these trips were expensive and were only taken by the very rich but over time the costs have been reduced drastically and today the vacations are enjoyed by the masses. Just the sheer exertion of putting on all of the ski gear and getting to the top of the slopes makes this a healthy activity even before any skiing takes place. Once the exercise starts, it is energy burning and is an extremely healthy pass time. For those advanced, skier’s day trips take them over many miles and long periods of time.

For the beginners, the amount of energy used is just as high although they may not cover the same distances. The task of learning to ski for people who have never done it before is arduous. For a start, they are forever falling over, and it takes a big effort to return to their skis. They are also using muscles they have rarely employed before and this also is energy sapping. The implementation of skiing facilities in the mountainous areas has also enabled these regions to be used by holiday makers during the summer months. Naturally, the activities they enjoy are far different than those in the winter. Walkers are able to use the chair lifts to get to the mountain passes that were previously difficult to reach.

These areas are also popular for people who enjoy water sport activities. Fast flowing streams and rivers plus larger glacial lake provide different boating activities. These are extremely healthy as they require physical effort and also means that families spend time out in the fresh mountain air.