What Is Healthy And What Is Unhealthy

There always appears to be a never-ending debate on what is good for us and what is harmful. This can range from the type of exercise that is taken to what food and drink is consumed. It is possible to read one journal where an expert will be praising certain food stuffs, yet the next article will have an opposing view point from another expert.

This meal will help weight loss

This is clearly the case when people want to lose weight and they go on diets. One of the most controversial diet plans has been the Atkins diet promoted by Dr Robert C Atkins in 1972. He claimed that by just eating protein and fat, and staying away from carbohydrates would result in weight loss.

Many thousands of people have followed this diet successfully but there have also been claims that the diet is harmful. The high content of saturated fats means it leads to high cholesterol levels and there appears to be constant discussion to whether the diet is harmful or not. The problem of diet for specific sporting activities is that when the exercise stops the calories that were essential for an athlete’s top performance now are harmful as they now result in weight gain. During sporting careers high daily calorie intakes are essential to give individuals the energy to train.

When athletes retire they are still used to eating high daily amounts of calories but now they are not burning off the energy either on the field or in the gym. In order to stay healthy when athletes retire they need to adjust their eating plans.

School milk is no longer seen as healthy

Alcoholic drinks also divide opinion on what is good for the human body. It is generally universally accepted that binge drinking is bad for the human body but what about drinking in moderation. There are many experts who believe that drinking a glass of wine with a meal is generally good for people as the acidic nature of the drink helps to encourage digestive systems. However on the negative side drinking any form of alcohol is fattening and the extra calories lead to weight gain. There have also been claims that alcoholic drinks lead to an increase in the chances of developing cancer. There is clearly divided opinion between whether even the smallest intake of alcohol is healthy or potentially damaging.

There are many contrasting thoughts to certain food stuffs and even some products, such as milk, divides opinion. In the United Kingdom for decades children were given a bottle of milk to drink at break to give them strength. This no longer happens as the advice is that drinking too much milk makes people gain weight.

When people are running marathons they are greeted at the refreshment stops with bowls of jelly babies. In fact any form of sugar burst at this precise moment when the body is exhausted is beneficial. Yet eating to many sugary foods without activity can lead to diabetes issues as well as people gaining weight. It would appear that the issue of what is good in health terms for the person is a matter of balance. Most things are healthy enough if consumed in moderation.